Self-hosted Database Monitoring

Elevate Your
Database Performance

Experience cutting-edge database monitoring and analysis tailored for the
cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructures—now with self-hosting and AI capabilities.

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Self-Hosted Monitoring in Your VPC

Nazar offers an unparalleled self-hosted application, empowering enterprises to survey multiple databases within their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Retain full control of your data without ever routing it through external providers.

AI-Driven Database Assistant at Your Service

Introducing our revolutionary feature: an AI database assistant expertly fine-tuned on ChatGPT. It not only excels in enhancing database performance but also offers insights to optimize costs. Interact, learn, and grow with an assistant that understands your database intricacies.

A Unified Glimpse into Your Database World

With our streamlined dashboard, delve into a cohesive view of all your databases, eliminating the need to grapple with varied metrics and tools.

No External Agents, Pure Efficiency

Free yourself from the monotonous tasks of data dictionary queries or log tracing. Nazar leverages inherent DBMS capabilities, rendering third-party agents obsolete.

Lead Proactively with Smart Operations

Armed with advanced anomaly detection and root-cause analysis, Nazar ensures you're always a step ahead. Drive application performance to its zenith and catalyze positive business transformations

Seamless Team Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

Dismantle operational silos with Nazar’s integrated sharing capabilities. Accelerate resolutions and promote team unity through shared insights.

Strategize with Predictive Workload Simulations

Visualize potential outcomes through Nazar’s simulation tools. From tweaking parameters to forecasting traffic surges, knowledge is power.

Mauricio Fernandes, CEO

"NAZAR has become a fundamental part of our operations/managed services at Dedalus."

Gleimar B. Baleeiro, Development Manager

"Nazar became a differential when the usual tools could no longer attend us. In addition to identifying the bottlenecks with accuracy, the solutions came quickly which is vital to the business."

Reginaldo Stocco, CEO

"We hired the services of NAZAR aiming to improve the performance of our database. We were pleased with the result, achieving a drastic reduction in load, making it possible to reduce 40% of AWS infrastructure costs."

Marcio Trindade, Chief Architect at Pipefy

"Nazar was a tool that brought a better view of our database and their consulting work helped us to accelerate the growth we needed to scale our service."

Lionardo Nogueira, CTO

"For 2 months, we were facing a problem of high CPU usage peaks. Three thousand coupons were being issued per second. By using NAZAR, in a few hours we could identify the problematic query and were able to finally fix the problem. The tool simply helps us to identify the critical queries that need to be optimized."

"The partnership with Nazar was really helpful to tackle down write throughput problems that were haunting us for a very long time."

Israel Fonseca, Software Developer

"Nazar was fundamental in diagnosing our databases. We gained insights, speed and robustness in our application!"

Rafael Silva, CEO

NAZAR: The Future of Self-Hosted Database Monitoring

Embark on a journey with NAZAR—an embodiment of decades of expertise, an innovative fusion of machine learning, and seamless integrations. With the added brilliance of our AI database assistant and advanced export and integration features, we're charting a new course in database performance management. Witness the revolution.

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