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Available for the following databases


Get the offesinve SQL queries and database load and see what's happening in your DB in near real time.


Provides a comprehensive view of your database's offensive queries and cost from distinct angles helping you fine-tune performance.


Get insights and recommendations to improve performance and reduce costs from our SQL.AI assistant fine-tuned on ChatGPT.

Features to improve performance and team productivity

Offensive SQL Monitoring

Records application SQL query history, aiding in troubleshooting and identifying performance issue causes by analyzing query pattern changes.

Analyzes top database queries in three aspects for performance tuning: Most Time Consuming, Most Executed, Slowest Performing.

DB Load, Locks and Sessions Visibility

Addresses issues to prevent database performance problems, enhancing stability and responsiveness.

Identifies and resolves database lock issues, improving real-time operational efficiency.

SQL.AI Assistant

AI assistant, based on ChatGPT, for database performance enhancement and cost optimization.

Anomaly Detection

Advanced detection and alert system in Nazar for preemptive issue resolution and performance optimization.

All in One Dashboard

Centralized monitoring of multiple databases across different environments and SGBDs from a single dashboard.

Team Collaboration

Facilitates team access to monitoring data, promoting collaboration without needing deep database knowledge or special access.

Self-Hosted Monitoring in Your VPC

Self-hosted Nazar application for surveying databases within your VPC, ensuring data control and compliance.


Integration API for easy connection of external systems and applications to our platform.

We help customers to improve performance

César Augusto da S. Chiachio
Head of Infrastructure and Operations at Grupo Águia Branca

"Talking about Nazar is thinking about assertiveness and speed in diagnosing complex problems involving the Oracle database layer. Extremely capable and engaged team with the purpose of the availability and performance of our application. They use an assertive and complete monitoring framework, fully encompassing the operating cycle of the Oracle database. The work format is working well for our specific business, which demands more attention and energy during holidays and commemorative dates, when the number of travelers increases considerably."

Thiago Leitão
Head of Technology at Flexpag

"The partnership between Flexpag and Nazar started in 2014, at a critical moment and Nazar's specialists promptly resolved our problem. Since then, they manage our databases with excellence, as well as actively participate in the architecture definitions of our applications and AWS infrastructure."

Matheus Rossato
CTO at Swap Financial

"Nazar is an important partner, our environment is highly critical and when it comes to the financial market, with little margin for error and low performance. Sometimes, Nazar's team helped us to reduce preventive and/or corrective operations that in Sandbox took hours, to minutes. They dominate databases like few others in this market."

Alexandre Jacob
Partner at RJ Consulotres

"We became aware of Nazar through a referral from AWS to support a customer that was experiencing fluctuations in their database environment. After the quick solution and identification of the root cause, we have since started a partnership for our bank environments, where we have ongoing support. Whenever they are triggered, Nazar solves the problem."

Danton Vellenich
CTO at Blitzar

"Our invitation to NAZAR took place within the context of an infrastructure management ecosystem to evolve and monitor our architecture in conjunction with other partners. We are very satisfied with the results achieved, with our Blitzar platform intelligently scaling to serve millions of transactions with peaks of simultaneous use, characteristic of our events and interactivity business."

Gustavo Monteiro
CEO at Allowme

"NAZAR worked closely with Allowme in the challenge of evolving the architecture of our product. The result was an environment that supports millions of data transactions in the database and scale healthy, with no alarms."

Reginaldo Stocco

"We hired NAZAR's service to optimize the performance of our database. We were pleased with the results, achieving a considerable reduction in our load, making it possible to reduce our infrastructure costs by 40% on AWS."

Lionardo Nogueira
CTO at Cuponeria

"For 2 months, we were facing a problem of high CPU usage peaks. Three thousand coupons were being issued per second. By using Nazar, in a few hours we could identify the problematic query and were able to finally fix the problem. The tool simply helps us to identify the critical queries that need to be optimized."

Monitor. Learn. Optimize.

NAZAR.AI is the platform for teams that need to improve database performance keeping the costs optimized. It provides the tools to monitor the offensive SQL queries, learn with the data and optimize the costs.

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