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tackle inefficiencies in


We've helped to fix thousands of database performance issues and can state that most of databases are ineficient due to misuse.

We're here to help you monitor your databases, identify the performance issues, and fix them, saving money and avoiding wasting of natural resources.


NAZAR is a Brazilian company founded in 2014 by Information Technology professionals with over 15 years of experience in database, software engineering and systems administration.

NAZAR specializes in Internet products and services, with extensive experience in cloud computing, scalability and performance, maintenance and optimization of complex applications serving multiple customers.

The company is proudly backed by ACE, Wayra Chile, 500 Startups and Launch and has participated in the Start-Up Brazil and Start-Up Chile programs.

Antônio Inocêncio

Co-founder & CEO

Matheus Mendonça

Co-founder & CDO

Leo Zeba

Co-founder & CTO

Isaque Araújo


Data is Everywhere

In the information Era data has played the most important role. Every single day we generate more and more data with no signal of slowing down in the near future.

Data is Valueable

Data is one of the most important assets for any company and in the near future no company will make decisions without analysing data to generate value.

Data storage is Cheap

Cloud computing has driven down the costs of data storage and many services even offer a free data storage quota.

Data processing is Expensive

To extract and generate value form data, its necessary execute data operations. Retrieving, moving, trasforming and storing it thousands or millions of times a day. This operations has shown to be highly cost, many times impacting business performance.

Performance wins

A database is one of the most centralized resources in many applications and they play a vital role in all of them. If they slows down, the business slows down. If they stop working, business stops working. How databases handle the system pressure will definetly impact costs and results.

If used correctly, databases can make miracles. However, by focusing in development productivity, many applications go to production without any database optimization and this can have huge impacts on costs and user experience.

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